1. I need your opinion

    So, this is the situation:

    My mom bought a new house, and a plumber and an electrician are supposed to come to fix some stuff, but as she will be working when they come, she asked me to go over the house to check they’re doing their jobs. Also, she asked me to wear troussers instead of shorts, because she doesn’t want me to get raped by some men, who in the first place, shouldn’t be staring at 17 year old because of what she decides to wear.

    I am not mad at my mom (she just wants me to be safe and, she’s just concerned about my well being). I am mad at society.

    It’s fucking 88ºF (31ºC) outside, I don’t wan to be wearing troussers because some men have not been able to keep their penises under control, and not only that, but because it is socially accepted that men stare  at women and objectify them, because “boys will be boys”, specially, if those women can be the daughters of said men, as well.

    I am sick and tired of being conditioned because I am a young woman.

    (my english is terrible so please excuse me)


    Gratuitous Sherlock GIFs

    The… pink lady’s case.

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  2. panicatpetewentz:

    I don’t understand how anyone can not like Frank Iero. He’s so small and cute and has tiny little feet and a cute little giggle and loves puppies but also he’s v punk rock and has a kick ass hair cut and rad tattoos all over the place and he thrashes around a stage screaming and playing the guitar just WoW Frank Iero is great.

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    brenda song!

    Disney home of sluts in the making

    When wanting safe sex gets you branded a ‘slut’ you know we live in a culture full of people who hate women..

    the bold

    it’s not even that she’s branded a slut for wanting safe sex. it’s the fact that even though she’s refusing sex unless it’s respectful and on her terms, she’s a slut because SHE’S HAVING SEX. whereas no one seems to be mad at the guy who DOESN’T HAVE A CONDOM AND STILL IS ABSOLUTELY DESPERATE TO HAVE SEX.

    That last comment? Sounded like MuuuuuuuUUUsic!!!!

    actors are not their characters

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    After living and breathing MCR for 12 years and loving Gerard fully for all of those years plus some and still today my dream came true 6/14/13 I was able to stay after the shop closed with about 7 other people hang out talk comics, relive MCR moments, talk about random shit and life… It was so amazing I brought him a Mousekat my husband and I had made and he loved it! I also brought him batman DVDs Chapstick and stickers he took all of my stuff and with a huge smile said Thank you! He loved my “shitty” cover art for his DVDs! He put them all in a box and took the box to his car c: He was so exhausted and DID NOT have to stay but he chose to… GERARD WAY is so Nice , so down to earth and so easy to talk to… Thank you for everything!

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    Finally, eyeshadow for people who aren’t sissy girly babies who pee in their diapers.

    "What color is your eyeshadow?"


    "Tool Album" omfg

    that’s actually a pretty accurate color for Tool Album

    My favourite is Dad why don’t you love me

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    Just if you wanted a Sherlock breaking your tumblr wall

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    beep beep

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    photo credit: x

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    if i could choose one picture that could sum up matt bellamy this would be it

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    Danger Days Frank for Hannah.

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    Slutty Danger Days Gerard for fetusgerard. 

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  9. "Periods aren’t an excuse to get out of anything."

    People who have never experienced blood pouring out of their genitals (via wiifitting)

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